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Boston GP-163 Baby Grand Piano


The Boston GP-163 “Performance Edition” baby grand piano, a pristine 5’4” white instrument crafted in 2020, boasts a rich tone and flawless high-polish finish. Manufactured by the esteemed Kawai Piano Company to Steinway’s exacting standards, its all-wood action provides unmatched feedback and feel. Embodying a Steinway pedigree, this single-owner piano features historic Steinway-patented designs like rosette-shaped flanges, ensuring longevity, stability, and an impressively responsive action.





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L: 5' 4"




High Polish




Behold the Boston GP-163 “Performance Edition” baby grand piano. At a length of 5’4”, the full and warm tone of this piano is surprisingly rich, given the size of this instrument. It is a true white in color, and the high-polish finish has no nicks or scratches. Manufactured just recently in 2020, it still appears as though it were brand new. This piano has had only one owner.

The trademark responsive action of the Boston piano is owed to its Steinway & Sons pedigree, which emphasizes sophisticated geometry and the highest-quality construction materials. The Renowned Kawai Piano Company in Japan manufactures this instrument to Steinway’s strict specifications.

Like Steinway, Boston uses all-wood action parts — never plastic like many competitors. Wood helps to determine the Boston’s characteristic feel and allows the player to experience the “feedback” from the keyboard that is found only in performance-level instruments. In addition, Boston pianos feature the famed Steinway–patented rosette-shaped flanges, which mate positively with the action rail, lock into place, and prevent any twisting or shifting of the action parts. This means that despite humidity, temperature changes, or heavy use, the Boston’s action is forever tight, sharp, and responsive.

The rosette shape on Boston’s action rail was originally patented by Steinway in 1868: it’s a time-tested hero when it comes to piano “feel” and stability, and no other similarly priced piano offers it. In addition, the design of the Boston action requires less energy to start the hammer moving, permitting pristine repetition, an extremely responsive action, and greater control over a tremendous dynamic range.

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