Yamaha U3 Vertical Piano


A gorgeous Yamaha U3 in high polish ebony





Serial Number



H: 52"




High Polish




Looking for a preowned High Polish Ebony Yamaha U3 vertical piano with exceptional sound quality, responsive touch, and a stunning appearance? Look no further than Hamilton Piano Company! Our 4th generation piano restoration and rebuilding facility is proud to offer this top-tier upright piano from Yamaha, which is designed specifically to meet the desires of the world’s pianists and institutions.

Crafted with high-quality materials and masterful craftsmanship, this vertical piano boasts a resplendent black high gloss cabinet that is sure to impress. Its exceptional features include a selection of the highest possible grade of spruce for the soundboard, an advanced scale design, and the Sostenuto pedal for enhanced performance.

The Yamaha U3’s high-quality action ensures excellent touch and playability, while easy-to-move castors provide added convenience. Additionally, this preowned piano includes soft, sustain, and practice pedals, along with a wide dynamic range for beautiful tone and voice.

The piano’s highest quality action parts ensure superior performance, with finely adjusted and balanced action to meet concert standards. Whether you’re a pianist or a music enthusiast, this Yamaha U3 is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality instrument.

Visit Hamilton Piano Company today to experience the beauty and sound of this exceptional Yamaha U3 piano. You can also view our showroom in VR, Click Here.

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