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We have a massive selection of pianos on sale right now: Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai and many more. As one of the largest Piano Rebuiding facilities in the world, we can customize any piano to the piano of your dreams. Come in and tour our 14,000 square foot rebuilding shop and learn how a piano is designed and created.

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The roughly 220 strings on your piano exert 40,000 pounds of tension on the plate and frame. And about 600 pounds of down bearing on the bridges and soundboard. Seasonal changes in the humidity as well as the normal continual decrease of static tension, causes all pianos to go out of tune. Depending on where you live, the amount of humidity change from season to season, the quality and condition of your piano and how much a piano is played, a piano could need tuning up to four times yearly. During each service call we will check and tighten pinblock bolts, check and adjust pedals, check and tighten the bench bolts and inspect your piano for repairs and adjustments that might be needed or recommended.


As a mechanical device, your piano action needs regular adjustments called “regulating.” Parts swell and shrink as the humidity changes and they wear out with use. Dirt and grit prematurely wear out felt, leather and wood action parts. Regulating and cleaning prolongs the life of your piano. Proper regulation is necessary for the best performance of your piano. A well regulated piano is a joy to play because it is more even and responsive to the demands of the pianist. While new pianos usually arrive fairly well regulated, the felt and leather parts “break in” and minor regulating is usually needed, even during the first or second year of use.


Voicing, also called “tone regulating”, is really the final part of regulating the piano. Although it involves many aspects, voicing includes adjusting the piano’s hammers' elascticity (hardness/softness) to achieve a full, smooth and pleasing tone in the piano.


Your piano is a mechanical instrument made up of 9,000 to 14,000 parts, most of which are wood and felt. Being a mechanical device, your piano will need repairs from time to time. Felt and leather parts wear and wooded action parts can break, even on the most expensive piano.


We have rebuilt all types of pianos: American, European and Asian; from spinets to 9 ft. concert grands. We have a fully equipped facility and the expertise and experience to provide complete rebuilding for your piano including: restringing, action rebuilding, hammer replacement, case repair and refinishing.


Because the requirements artists place on performance instruments are more critical, concert pianos have service needs beyond those of the average piano. We provide the exacting service concert artists demand.


There are many reasons you may want a written appraisal of your piano’s value: when securing a rider on your insurance policy, insuring it for a move or before placing it in storage. When selling your piano, a written appraisal will provide a solid basis for setting your price and negotiating with potential purchasers.


After we service your piano, if there is any work that needs to be done to your piano, we will recommend the work to meet your needs. Our job as piano technicians is to keep your piano in good condition and to make it enjoyable when you or another pianist plays it.


We are able to assist you in purchasing a new or used piano, either from a store or private party. We are not a piano dealer, but we do buy and sell pianos. We are able to advise you on a piano you may be considering purchasing, or help you find the right piano at a price that fits your needs and budget through our many contacts.


We can install a player system which allows your piano to play by itself. It is a great feature for cocktail parties, or if you just would love to hear piano music.


Moving furniture and moving a piano are two different things. It is always best to have a professional piano mover move your piano carefully. We have moved pianos since 1985 in South Florida. We are insured and provide complete moving service.


It is always best to store your piano in a climate control storage facility. We provide complete storage service as long as you need us.


We rent quality Steinways, Yamahas and Baldwins for concerts. From verticals to 9 ft. concert grands, we provide pianos for special occasions.


We sell pre-owned quality pianos from spinets to full grands. We provide moving and tuning with each purchase along with warranties. If we do not have a piano to meet your needs, we will do our best to find a piano to do so.

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Steinway L from 1962. This Steinway is rebuilt with GENUINE Steinway parts by Tobias Hamilton of Hamilton Piano Company. Fully Automated Self-Playing Reproducer Piano with wireless Ipad or Iphone QRS PNOmation3 Command Center that integrates with ALEXA. Satin Ebony Cabinet with Carbon Fiber Finished Music Desk and Accessories Silver Bullionized Harp and Sapphire Adornments Genuine Nickel Plated Steinway Hardware, Agraffes, and Aliquot Scaling Downward Reflective Hood Mirroring Refitted with fresh, authentic Steinway hammers and action parts from Steinway, NY. Dazzle Guests, FTW: "Alexa, play Concerto No. 3 by Rachmaninoff"

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