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About Us



The Hamilton Piano Co. is a full piano rebuilding facility. Our staff consists of master piano technicians, piano technicians, piano refinishers, and movers. We offer complete piano restoration to bring your piano back to life. Every piano we sell comes with a warranty and goes from our family to yours. Every piano we restore is meticulously scrutinized and re-scrutinized during the rebuilding process.

Our attention to detail is what holds our reputation in good standing with all of our customers. When considering buying, upgrading or restoring your piano, let the Hamilton Piano Co. become part of your piano family. The Hamilton family has been tuning and reconditioning pianos since 1955. Four generations of Hamilton’s have tuned for concert artists in stadiums, arenas and amphitheaters as well as art and music galleries, country clubs, colleges, private organizations and residences.

The First Generation

Archielle Hamilton ran a successful piano business in New Haven, Connecticut. He and his wife raised two sons, Reginald and Daniel. Under their father’s tutelage, both learned the family business. Reginald and Daniel expanded their knowledge further through training at Steinway in New York City and later with Yamaha Piano.

The Second Generation

Reginald and Daniel both started their Piano careers out of their Grandmothers home in Palm Springs, Florida.

The Third Generation

Tobias R. Hamilton started learning the business early. His father, Reginald, started teaching him about the internal mechanics and the proper method of restringing a piano when he was just a child. Later, Tobias learned the more extensive art of the piano profession from both his father and his uncle.

For over 40 years Reginald and Daniel serviced most of South Florida’s piano needs, working for the largest piano dealers in South Florida and high quality concert venues. This tradition is carried on today by Tobias, who still cares for many of the same pianos his father and uncle did over the years.


Tobias is the only Hamilton still operating the business. His grandfather Archielle, uncle Daniel and father Reginald have passed away. The future of the Hamilton family business lies in the hands of Tobias’ children who already show great interest and potential, despite their young ages. Tobias hopes to see them take over as the 4th generation of piano technicians, carrying with them the love and pride of a profession passed down to them from their family.

Our Team

Meet the members of the Hamilton Piano Company Family