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Products and Services

Products and services

dehumidifiers, benches, cleaning and more

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Package 1


  • Cleaning of strings and internal felt.
  • Dust removal from the soundboard under the strings.
  • Vacuuming the soundboard, harp, felts, actions, and keys.
  • Tuning

Starting at $435

Cleaning Package 2


  • Includes Package 1
  • Actions removed and cleaned.
  • Vertical Pianos: Except drop actions. Remove the keys and vacuum underneath.
  • Grand Pianos: Remove actions and clean the key bed

Starting at $580

Cleaning Package 3


  • Includes Package 1 and 2
  • Pedals and hinges cleaned.
  • Exterior case cleaned and polished.
  • Includes a $40 cleaning kit for the exterior.

Starting at $835

Cleaning Package 4


  • Includes complete buffing of the entire piano.
  • Scratch removal
  • Dent removal
  • Hardware polished
  • Deep internal cleaning

This process makes your older piano look like a brand new showroom quality instrument.

Pickup and delivery are additional costs.

Starting at $3400-4600

Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System

Pianos are designed to be at 42% relative humidity (R.H). A dehumidifier system installed in your piano keeps your piano at 42% plus or minus 5% R.H. all year round. Because the thousands of wood and felt parts remain more stable, your tuning and regulation will remain more stable as well. Proper humidity control helps prevent rust on strings, sticking and loose keys, split pinblocks and cracks in the soundboard. Install with 5 year warranty. Plus tax.

  • Dehumidifier with humidistat for vertical pianos: $350
  •  One Dehumidifier with humidistat with string cover for Grand Pianos up to 5.5 feet: $475
  • Two Dehumidifiers with humidistat with string cover for Grand Pianos up to 7.5 feet: $575
  • Three Dehumidifiers with humidistat with string cover for Grand Pianos up to 9 feet: $675
  • String covers start at $150


String Covers


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