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Meet Our Staff

Hamilton Piano Co Staff

Tobias Hamilton

3rd Gen Master Piano Technician

Tobias started his training at the age of 19 from his Father and Uncle. He learned the art of tuning and rebuilding pianos from an early age and progressed into major piano restorations of high-end brands such as Steinway, Bluthner, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, and others. His fully-equipped shop includes facilities for crafting new sound boards, refinishing all major parts of any piano, re-stringing, and all other aspects of producing top quality work.

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Tina Hamilton


Christina has been married to Tobias since 2002. They knew each other
for many years because Christina’s brother is Tobias’ best friend. At
her brothers wedding, Christina was the maid of honor and Tobias was the
best man and as they say, the rest is history.  She handles all of the
book keeping for the company and helps our children with their musical
instruments. The company runs a lot smoother with her expertise.

Hamilton Piano Co Staff

Cheryl Lewis

Office Manager

Cheryl and Tobias attended middle and high school together. They became reacquainted when their children attended the same elementary school. Cheryl does all of the scheduling for Tobias, the other technicians and piano movers. Everyday she keeps the company running smoothly so all of the customers needs are met. The company receives many compliments in regards to her customer service.

Hamilton Piano Co Staff

Rosie Park

Shop Manager

Rosie is Tobias and Christina’s Aunt. She manages the piano rebuilding facility and helps keep everything organized in the shop. Whenever anyone needs something, she is the one that knows where it is. Rosie does a little bit of everything; preps the piano for refinishing, replaces keytops, polishes hardware and much more.  She creates custom string covers and has gained vast knowledge of pianos through the years. Aunt Rosie is a huge asset to the company.

Hamilton Piano Co Staff

Roycie Mae

Official Mascot

Roycie Mae is our official mascot and greeter. A rescue from Peggy Adams Animal Shelter, she now boasts her own social media!! Come meet her!!

Hamilton Piano Co Staff

Wayne Hosford

Sales Department

Wayne is the newest member of our team, coming aboard as Primary Sales Representative and apprentice piano technician. He has graduated his course work in piano tuning at Georgia State University, and, before that, was a double major in Music Theory and Education at the University of Miami. Wayne is a professional singer/pianist with an extensive resume encompassing work internationally and in the U.S. He has been the resident musician for Palm Beach’s Club Colette for since 2009.

Piano Repair and Rebuild

Fernando Osorio

Former Steinway Piano Technician

Fernando started his career at Steinway piano factory in 1968. He worked in the action and damper department in the factory for 20 years. Ten years ago, he retired and moved to West Palm Beach and started here. Fernando has a wealth of knowledge with pianos and has excelled the company since he joined. Besides being a great part of the company, he is a true friend to everyone he works with. The company would not be as successful as it is without him.

Piano Repair and Rebuild

Ricardo Medina

Piano Refinisher

Ricardo has been refinishing high end pianos for over 20 years and he was trained by a former Steinway refinisher. He is very knowledgeable of Re-veneering, color matching and refinishing. There are very few piano refinishers that know how to do the quality of work he does and since he has joined the company, customers have been very pleased with the work he has provided.

Hamilton Piano Co Staff

Diego Urrea

Piano Refinisher and Rebuilder

Diego has been refinishing and rebuilding pianos for over 25 years. He is very detailed in his work and has provided his services for very high end customers including the White House. His knowledge comes from Steinway technicians and has worked for the  Steinway Company in the past. He is a huge asset to our company and has helped us move along our production line fluently.


Misael Espino

Master Piano Rebuilder

Misael has been a piano rebuilder for over 30 years. He is skilled in installing new soundboards, pinblocks and strings. Formerly trained by Steinway, he has built his reputation as one of the best rebuilders in the country. His speed, accuracy and knowledge is very rare in the piano world. There are very few rebuilders that can do what he can. Not only has he proven to be a huge asset to our company, but he has also become part of the family.


Hamilton Piano Co Staff

Jim Rickson

Tuner and Repair

Jim has been tuning and repairing pianos for over 20 years. He has tuned for some of the largest artists in the world. His background in piano lessons makes him an excellent piano tuner. Jim tunes for our customers, artists and venues. He has been trained by Yamaha and Steinway Technicians.

Hamilton Piano Co Staff

Chris Vesenka

Piano Tuner and Tech

Chris is a tuner and technician. He is a very gifted musician and talented piano tuner. He is a certified QRS installer and is currently learning restringing and action rebuilding from our Steinway techs.

thomas boyer

Piano Tuner and Tech

Thomas is a talented tuner and piano technician. With a keen ear for detail and a deft touch, Thomas ensures every piano sings its best tune. Whether you’re seeking a fine-tuned performance or technical perfection, rely on Thomas to elevate your instrument’s potential.

Hamilton Piano Co Staff

Tony Denker

Piano Stringer , Buffer, and QRS PLayer technician

Tony has been with us for over 15 years. He  runs our buffing, QRS and restringing departments. He occasionally helps out with moving pianos on the road. He polishes and repairs dents and scratches on pianos that are very difficult to repair. Tony is also certified with QRS to install player systems and upgrades.

Hamilton Piano Co Staff

Mike Bolin

Piano Mover

Michael is one of our piano movers and makes sure the pianos we sell or move get there safely. He installs dehumidifier systems into pianos and has a vast knowledge in pianos, making him more than just a piano mover. He runs our mechanical department to help keep our equipment and trucks running smoothly.

a portrait of a piano mover playing a piano at hamilton piano co

DAThan mcclenic

Piano Mover

Meet Dathon, the muscle behind our meticulous piano moves. A fervent music enthusiast, he merges his passion for tunes with his love for working out, ensuring each piano is handled with utmost care and precision. Beyond his physical strength, Dathon’s friendly demeanor and customer-first approach make every move a harmonious experience. Trust in Dathon to seamlessly transition your treasured instrument to its new setting.

Hamilton Piano Co Staff

In loving memory of

donny booker

Donald has been moving pianos for almost 30 years. He is very thorough and knowledgeable when it comes to moving pianos. He also works in the buffing and repair department fixing dents and scratches. He is a true friend to the company and is a wonderful person to work with.

Hamilton Piano Co Staff

Brandon Hamilton

4th Generation Piano Tech

Brandon is our 4th generation piano technician. He has been playing the piano and working on them since he was very young.  Now he is learning the art of piano tuning and action regulation. He is also starting college this year at FAU and has been a drum major for his high school. He plays the saxophone and has performed at numerous concerts with very skilled musicians.

Hamilton Piano Co Staff

Trevor Lewis

Shop Assistant

Trevor is Cheryl’s son and helps tear down and put pianos back together. He is in charge of polishing hardware and plating the parts in nickel. Sometimes he helps move pianos on the road. He is now learning how to buff pianos and their parts. He just graduated high school and is starting a career with Hamilton Piano Company.

Minnerly Media

Ian Minnerly

Head of Marketing and IT

Ian is our head of marketing and IT. He manages our website, social media, and photographs our pianos. He is also the Owner of Minnerly Media (www.minnerlymedia.com), the company that does all our photography and video work.