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Steeped in a rich legacy since 1955, Hamilton Piano Company seamlessly merges tradition with precision. As a fourth-generation entity, our pride lies not just in servicing pianos but resurrecting their inherent grandeur, making them sound, look, and play even better than their original state.

Each piano rebuilding experience is a collaborative endeavor, inviting customers to be a part of the transformation. Your choices in touch, tone, and aesthetics intertwine with our unmatched craftsmanship. Boasting over 300 years of combined expertise, our adept technicians ensure each piano receives the time and passion it deserves, never compromising on quality.

Let Hamilton Piano Company be more than just your service provider; allow us to be a cherished part of your musical journey, upholding a shared reverence for the piano’s timeless allure.


our services


Expertly installing and refinishing soundboards, setting bridge caps and bearings to factory specifications, and skillfully handling bridge pin installation and bridge cap notching, our team ensures your piano achieves premium quality and performance.


Installing new strings, refinishing sound components, and integrating new felts and tuning pins, our detailed service includes polished hardware, highlighted harp lettering, and thorough regulation, finalized with eight stabilizing tunings


Expertly crafting bespoke pinblocks, meticulously fitting them to harmonize with the piano and harp, precisely boring new tuning pin holes, and ensuring the new pinblock is installed seamlessly to uphold factory specifications.


Expertly installing new hammers, shanks, and repetitions, we meticulously polish all screws and undertake comprehensive action regulation. We also focus on detailed hammer shaping and voicing while seamlessly installing new keytops and key bushings.


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