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Pianos For Rebuild

Hamilton Piano Company has a large inventory of vintage Steinway and other quality 20th century pianos that are awaiting restoration. The basic structure of these instruments (the maple/beech rim, the harp, and even the soundboard) were built to last generations and can be readily restored to their just-out-of-the-factory glory.

A piano’s strings, hammers, action, cabinet finish and (sometimes) soundboard all have a half-life just as the components of automobiles do, but if the chassis, so to speak, is sound our staff of master craftsmen can reclaim these fine works of art – and for a small fraction of the cost of purchasing new.

Here’s a short list of some of the gems we have backlogged:

Mason & Hamlin Model “A” circa 1930

C. Bechstein Model “M” circa 1900

Steinway & Sons Model “B” circa 1888

Steinway & Sons Model “M” circa 1913

Steinway & Sons Model “S” circa 1943

Steinway & Sons Model “A” circa 1893

Steinway & Sons Model “L” Mahogany circa 1926

Steinway & Sons Model “M” circa 1925

Steinway & Sons Model “M” Walnut circa 1959