Why Choose Us?  The Hamilton Piano Company has been servicing pianos since 1955. We are a third generation piano company that takes pride in bringing a piano back to life. Our attention to detail is second to none. It brings great satisfaction to see how happy a customer is when their piano looks, sounds and plays better than when it was new.   When it comes to rebuilding a piano it is important that our customers are involved with each step of the process. By choosing the touch, tone and color they prefer, our customers are more deeply satisfied with the finished product.   Our company has combined experience of over 300 years. We have highly trained technicians in every department. It takes a lot of time to make a piano live again and our passion for the piano is why no job is ever rushed!   When choosing a piano company, please consider us as part of your piano family.

Rebuilding & Refinishing

  The Hamilton family has rebuilt all types of pianos: American, European and Asian; from spinets to 9 foot concert grands.   We have a fully equipped facility and the expertise and experience to provide complete rebuilding for your piano including: Restringing includes: Installing new bass, tenor and treble strings Refinishing harp, soundboard and bridge Installing new under string felts and tuning pins Polishing plate bolts, screws and duplexes Highlighting harp lettering and install serial and model number Installing new damper felts and regulation Eight in-shop tunings to stabilize new strings Refinishing includes: Complete stripping of the piano case and parts Repairing veneer and filing dents and repairing scratches Color match staining, including custom colors/designs Buffing or hand rubbing entire piano and parts Polishing and plating all hardware and screws (pedals, hinges, etc) Refinishing underside of piano and rebuild trap work Soundboard includes: Installation and refinishing of new soundboard to factory specifications Installing new Bridge cap and set bearing to factory specifications Drilling and installing new bridge pins and ribs Hand notching and graphite new bridge cap Installing new plate dowels Pinblocks include: Custom building new pinblocks Fitting the new pinblock to the harp and the piano Boring new tuning pin holes Installing new pinblock to factory specifications Actions include: Installing new hammers, shanks, flanges and repititions Polishing all screws and stack Major action regulation and alignment Major hammer filing, shaping and voicing Installing new keytops or whiten ivories Installing new key bushings We only use the highest quality wood and parts for our piano restorations. Some of the companies we order from are Bolduc, Renner, Mapes, Hellerbass, Steinway, Yamaha and more. The piano is a living instrument and should only have the highest quality parts installed.  We recommend coming in to our 14,000 square foot rebuilding shop to see first hand what it takes to make  a gorgeous instrument.   Custom Piano Gallery We can customize any color, style and design you can dream of. Our custom department has turned pianos into art work that stuns customers when they see them. Visit some of these beautiful instruments in our showroom and let us make you a one of a kind piano that you will love for years to come.