Baldwin L Grand Piano


A fully refinished Baldwin L in a satin ebony finish





Serial Number



L: 6' 3"




Hand Rubbed Satin




Looking for a grand piano that not only sounds amazing but looks incredible as well? Look no further than the fully refinished Baldwin L Grand Piano. This stunning instrument has been expertly restored to its former glory by Hamilton Piano Company’s 4th generation piano restoration and rebuilding facility, and features a Satin Ebony finish that is truly breathtaking.

Renowned for its warm and resonant sound, the Baldwin L is a favorite among pianists and music enthusiasts alike. Its fully refinished Satin Ebony finish enhances the beauty of this grand piano even further, making it a true work of art. Every aspect of this instrument has been meticulously restored to ensure the highest standards of quality and playability.

Discover the beauty and sound of this fully refinished piano at Hamilton Piano Company. Our showroom is the perfect place to experience the exceptional sound and appearance of this stunning instrument. Don’t miss out on the chance to own this beautiful piano – visit us today! You can also view our showroom in VR, Click Here.

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