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The Hamilton Piano Company is a piano rebuilding and restoration company with over 300 years of combined experience. We share our passion for pianos through our blog, which covers topics such as maintenance, history, and tips.
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Greetings, Piano Enthusiasts!

Step right into “The Art of Everything Piano” our new piano blog—where every key unlocks a tale, and every string resonates with passion. If you’ve ever been enchanted by the rhythmic dance of fingers over piano keys, or wondered about the craftsmanship behind each polished piece, you’ve arrived at your sanctuary.

We’re thrilled to launch our blog, a new part of the Hamilton Piano Company, which has been an oasis for piano enthusiasts worldwide. Holding over 300 years of collective expertise in piano craftsmanship, we transcend beyond instrument building. We craft narratives, curate rich histories, and unveil the enchanting world of pianos.

Why ‘The Art of Everything Piano’?

  • Stories from the Heart: Dive deep into captivating tales from our workshop, where each piano comes to life, note by note, string by string.
  • A Journey Through Time: Let us take you on a historical voyage, tracing the footsteps of the piano from its inception to its contemporary avatar.
  • Craftsmanship Unveiled: Ever been curious about what goes into crafting a piano? Get exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses from our shop.
  • Maintenance Tips: From expert tips on keeping your piano in pitch-perfect condition to understanding its intricate anatomy, we’ve got you covered.
  • Choosing the Right Piano: Delve into our comprehensive guide on identifying the piano that aligns seamlessly with your musical aspirations and preferences.

… and so much more awaits!

Our aim? To strike the right chord with our readers, ensuring you leave with a tune in your heart and newfound knowledge in your mind. As the soulful world of pianos continues to evolve, “The Art of Everything Piano” is dedicated to chronicling every mesmerizing moment.

So, whether you’re an aspiring pianist, an established maestro, or someone who simply adores the melodious allure of pianos, this is your go-to destination. Together, let’s embark on this symphonic journey, exploring the myriad facets of the piano.

Stay in tune, keep those keys tinkling, and let your musical voyage with “The Art of Everything Piano” begin! Visit our sister site Euro Pianos

With Harmonious Regards,

The Hamilton Piano Company

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