The Legacy of Hamilton Piano Company

Dive into the entrancing world of Hamilton Piano Co., where generational expertise harmonizes with the art of piano craftsmanship. Spanning four generations, our journey melds dedication, passion, and precision. Join us as we celebrate a legacy interwoven with melody and history.
Hamilton Family

The Legacy of Hamilton Piano Co.: A Symphony Across Generations
Step into the captivating world of Hamilton Piano Co., where the artistry of piano craftsmanship meets family legacy. Our story is not just about rebuilding and restoring pianos; it’s a tale intricately woven over decades and is punctuated by the notes of dedication, passion, and expertise.
At Hamilton Piano Co., we are more than a rebuilding facility. Our ensemble boasts master piano technicians, dedicated refinishers, and adept movers. From the first string to the polished exterior, each piano we touch is meticulously cared for, often being examined multiple times to ensure perfection. The pianos we sell are not mere instruments; they are an extension of our family, destined to be a part of yours. They come with our stamp of assurance, a warranty that stands as a testament to our commitment.
Our unwavering attention to detail has solidified our reputation, earning trust and admiration from our clientele over the years. Whether you seek to purchase, upgrade, restore a piano, or build a custom one of kind piece, we invite you to experience the Hamilton touch.
The resonance of our journey begins in 1955, echoing through concert arenas, art galleries, country clubs, and the cherished nooks of private homes.

A Glimpse into the Past:

  • First Generation: Our roots trace back to Archielle Hamilton, who pioneered our piano legacy in New Haven, Connecticut. His two sons, Reginald and Daniel, nurtured under his guidance, went on to hone their skills further with institutions like Steinway in New York City and later with Yamaha Piano.
  • Second Generation: The legacy moved to warmer climes as Reginald and Daniel began their illustrious piano careers in Palm Springs, Florida.
  • Third Generation: Tobias R. Hamilton, inheriting the artistry early on, learned the intricate craft from his father, Reginald, and uncle, Daniel. Over four decades, this duo catered to South Florida’s piano enthusiasts, leaving a mark that Tobias reverently follows, maintaining the pianos that hold the touch of his forefathers.
  • Fourth Generation: The legacy now blooms in the hands of Brandon, Tobias’s son. As a beacon of the new era, he is earnestly immersing himself in the trade, promising a fresh yet deeply-rooted perspective to the art of piano craftsmanship.

The Present & Future: Tobias is the only Hamilton still operating the business. His grandfather Archielle, uncle Daniel and father Reginald have passed away. The future of the Hamilton family business lies in the hands of Tobias’ children who already show great interest and potential, despite their young ages. Tobias hopes to see them take over as the 4th generation of piano technicians, carrying with them the love and pride of a profession passed down to them from their family.

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